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Guided Kink Buffet


Members and Applicants, you can request the FREE Guided Kink Buffet - a hands-on, guided experience in whatever areas of Kink that YOU decide that you're interested in exploring.

Many people just like you enjoy including some kink into their erotic lives. Some incorporate the occasional small twist, others regularly enjoy certain favorite kinks, and still others make it a lifestyle. And there's a VAST array of kinks that people like you enjoy.

In your Guided Kink Buffet, your guide first gives you a lecture / presentation to introduce you to Kink, including a brief, sweeping survey of the dozens of areas of that are included under the umbrella of Kink. Then, YOU choose à la carte the areas you want to explore, and your guide prepares experiences that will give you an authentic - but safe and beginner-friendly - introduction to each of those areas. Most of the sessions will be held at the Pleasure and Intimacy House, but some of the sessions may include optional field trips to other venues.


Request your intro session

of your custom Guided Kink Buffet

at Pleasure and Intimacy House (easy directions).

Some limited Kink sessions may be available to be delivered at your home.

Want to learn more? Read on ...

Kink can be divided into some general categories - BDSM, Fetish, and Taboo - and each of these categories includes different subcategories and many different pursuits. Any one particular individual will typically enjoy some of those pursuits, but not others.

As an example, for the Kink category known as BDSM, a sampling of some (but not all) of the subcategories includes:



Bondage is restraint that in itself is generally painless. Bondage can be used as an adjunct to other types of BDSM play and even to intercourse or other overt sex acts, or it can be enjoyed on its own.  In fact, Bondage has a HUGE variety of flavors and uses:

  • Artistic, intricate Shibari bondage
  • Suspension bondage (also known as "rigging") ... another form of bondage art
  • Bedroom bondage (to intensify the erotic and sexual pleasure of your bedroom activities)
  • Dungeon bondage (to intensify the D/s or S/M experience)
  • And many more ...

Bondage can be enjoyed creatively, using a wide variety of materials: smooth, silky, colorful rope and ribbon; rough, coarse rope; scarves; clothing; cable; tape; chains; cuffs; collars; blindfolds; gags; special "dungeon" equipment; benches; normal furniture; ... the possibilities are endless.



"Topping" is the act of one person (the "Top") delivering sensation of some sort, and "Bottoming" is the act of the other person (the "Bottom") receiving and experiencing that sensation. The Top may deliver the sensation using various parts of their body, or using a vast variety of different "play toys".

The sensation delivered can be what most people would consider pleasurable. In this case, the play is often called "Sensation Play".

Alternatively, the sensation can be what most people would consider painful.

When a Top enjoys or experiences arousal by delivering painful sensations, that type of enjoyment is called "Sadism" and the Top is referred to as a "Sadist".

When a Bottom enjoys or experiences arousal by receiving painful sensation, that type of enjoyment is called "Masochism" and the Bottom is referred to as a "Masochist".

And when a Sadist and Masochist play together, it's called "Sadomasochism".

Dominance and Submission


Dominance and Submission (D/s) is the overt exercise of interpersonal power and control by one partner (the "Dominant") and the relinquishing of that power and control by the other partner (the "submissive"). Being a psychological and social phenomenon, D/s is in itself painless. Partners who enjoy D/s vary widely in how they incorporate it into their relationship.

Partners may temporarily engage in D/s to intensity specfic erotic interactions, or they may live with an ongoing D/s dynamic in their relationships when it feels right for them and deepens their intimacy.

The exchange of power can be slight, as when one partner exercises a slightly greater amount of authority, or it can be nearly total, as in a (consensual) Master/slave (M/s) relationship.

The Dominance can be harsh and even menacing, or it can be sweet and gentle and tender, or it can be anywhere in between.

The D/s can involve formal protocols, such as M/s Protocols and Slave Postures, or it can be informally inherent in the dynamic of the relationship, and either displayed subtly or overtly.


Request your intro session

of your custom Guided Kink Buffet

at Pleasure and Intimacy House (easy directions).

Some limited Kink sessions may be available to be delivered at your home.