Fun ... Excitement ... Pleasure ... Intimacy ... A Tribe ... Belonging ... Appreciation . . . for PEOPLE JUST LIKE YOU

Getting Invited to Group Experiences

We're committed to creating the highest quality Group Experiences, and an important contributor to that is high-quality people.

We hand-select the people we invite to each Group Experience. How can you control whether or not YOU are hand-selected? By being the type of person we want at these events. Here are some things that we do and don't want.

The more of these desirable traits and fewer of these undesirable traits, the higher you end up on the candidate guest lists and the more likely you will be to get an invitation to any particular Group Experience.

Also, if you value certain of the traits we value, but have some personal work to do in that area ... that's OK; we're all works-in-progress.

Read the descriptions carefully, word-for-word. (The devil is in the details.)


Traits We Want / Will Help You

  • CONSIDERATION OF OTHERS ... in the little decisions you make. Example: When you RSVP, you consider that a PERSONAL COMMITMENT to attend, because others are expecting you and you said you'd be there.
  • PEOPLE-FOCUSED ... rather than activity-focused. When you attend events, you're always hoping to see people you've enjoyed talking to at prior events, so that you can DEEPEN YOUR RAPPORT with them.
  • ENJOY SOCIAL DIVERSITY - EVEN AGE DIVERSITY ... at the social and sex-positive events you attend. Because you want a TRIBE - not a clique - and tribes (and families) have people of diverse ages. Also, you know you that exposure to social diversity (age, gender, ethnic background, sexual orientation, religion, political orientation, etc.) will help to keep you open-minded and prevent you from slipping into ignorance and parochial-mindedness.
  • JUDGE PEOPLE SUBJECTIVELY AS INDIVIDUALS ... when you're deciding whether or not to include them in your social and sex-positive surroundings. You disdain PREJUDICE, and try to never PRE-JUDGE others you've not met, based on objectifying, published stats (AGE, gender, ethnic background, sexual orientation, religion, political orientation, etc.) (Plus, you get that prejudice is just ... well ... "tacky".)
  • APPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR AT SOCIAL/SEX-POSITIVE EVENTS ... or the willingness to learn to exhibit appropriate behavior. If you're deficient in this area, then you're willing to pay close attention to your behavior and to seek - AND HEED - guidance in adjusting it. You understand that social gatherings are not just about you, but are also about the enjoyment and comfort of others.
  • DEMONSTRATE ENTHUSIASM FOR THIS ORGANIZATION ... and what's unique about it. You're happy to travel to events, even when that travel is longer than your daily work commute, because you know it's SOOOO worth it to participate. And you're willing to be active in helping make this organization what you'd like it to be.
  • REGULAR PARTICIPATION IN GROUP EXPERIENCES ... because you want to develop rapport with others and help build a tribe - both of which require the momentum of regular participation. (The dish takes on a richer and deeper taste the longer it marinates.)

Traits We Don't Want / Will Hinder You

  • INCONSIDERATENESS (or self-centeredness, self-absorption, or selfishness) ... in your social decisions. Example: You've RSVP'd but you think it's OK to no-show or cancel at the last minute (because you don't really know the other people, or for some other casual reason).
  • IT'S ABOUT ME AND MY EXPERIENCE/ACTIVITY ... when you attend events. You mainly care that there's enough people of the right type to ensure that you have your good time or valuable experience, and aren't too concerned with who those individual people are.
  • SEEKING HOMOGENEITY ... at social and sex-positive events. You prefer to attend these events and mix with people "approximately your own age" (or gender, or sexual preference, etc.). Maybe you even feel uncomfortable at the thought of mingling with people outside this preference, and you're not up for learning to push through your discomfort.
  • PRE-QUALIFY PEOPLE OBJECTIVELY ... when you're deciding what "types" of people to include in your social and sex-positive surroundings. You feel it's reasonable to use objectifying stats (AGE, gender, sexual preference, etc.) as a starting point to "pre-qualify" people for these environments.
  • BEHAVE INAPPROPRIATELY OR "CREEPY" ... at social or sex-positive events, AND are unwilling to learn, even with guidance, the appropriate demeanor and behavior for these types of event.
  • DEMONSTRATE A LUKEWARM ATTITUDE ... toward participating in this organization. You either don't "get" the uniqueness of what the organization is about, or you're not excited about it. Events are "too far" or "too difficult to get to", and you're not particularly interested in contributing to the spirit of this organization.
  • NOT A REGULAR ATTENDEE ... of the Group Experiences, despite being invited. You either RSVP "No" to more invitations than you RSVP "yes" to, or else you don't RSVP at all.