Who We Are

We're an educational, self-improvement, and social organization that helps our Members enjoy:

- More exquisite physical pleasure

- Deeper emotional intimacy with others

- Fun and excitement with cool, quality people

- A community that values you and recognizes your unique beauty

How? We provide our Members with unique Experiences, hosted all over the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento areas.  These include:

Private Experiences +
  • Private (1-on-1) Training
  • Private Pleasure Services
Group Experiences +
  • Group Classes
  • Group Field Trips
  • FREE Parties

Private Experiences

As soon as you Register / Apply for Membership, you're immediately eligible to request appointments for Private Trainings and Private Pleasure Services, which teach you skills and practices for enjoying:

- More exquisite physical pleasure

- Deeper emotional intimacy with others

The growing menu of Private Experiences so far includes:

- The Pampered Pussy Spa

- Private training in Emotionally-Integrated Mindful Orgasm (EMO)

- Private Guided Kink Buffet

Appointments for Private Experiences are granted on a limited basis, according to the availability of the person providing the training, guidance, or pampering experience, and are granted on a first-come-first-served basis.

Group Experiences

As soon as your Membership is accepted, you're immediately eligible for consideration for our by-invitation-only Group Classes, Parties, and Group Field Trips. If you're invited to some of these events, they'll add the social dimension to your pleasure and intimacy growth and allow you to enjoy:

- Fun and excitement with cool, quality people

- A community that values you and recognizes your unique beauty

The growing list of Group Experiences so far includes:

- Group Classes and Field Trips (on topics about sensuality, sexuality, and emotional intimacy)

- Social Mixers and Costume/Theme Parties

- Erotiki Pool Parties (clothing-optional, tiki-themed)

- Sensual Board-Game Parties (clothing-optional)

- Clothing-Optional Yoga (Hatha)

Sex Parties (BDSM Play/Sex, Erotic Bal Masqués, Friends-with-Benefits, Swapping, etc.)


How We're Different

Unique Experiences +

Among our growing list of Private Experiences are two you won't find anywhere else: the Pampered Pussy Spa and Emotionally-Integrated Mindful Orgasm (EMO).

Levels of Intimacy +

Each Group Experience (Group Class, Party, or Field Trip) is classified by the level of physical intimacy allowed by the participants. This helps guide you in choosing what best fits your comfort and desires.

- Social: No nudity, overt sensual activity, or sexual activity is allowed between Members (beyond what one might encounter at a public nightclub) at the event. However, some Social-Level Experiences might include non-intrusive nudity or sexual content that is passively observed by attendees (as, for example, on a field trip to a Sex Museum)

- Sensual: Likely to include nudity and/or sensual activities between Members (consensually), but at the event, no overt sexual activity is allowed between Members

- Sexual: Likely to include nudity, sensual activity, and sexual activity between Members (consensually)

Vetting of Members +

We vet all Members before admitting them to the higher levels of intimacy of Group Experience.

As a Member attends Group Experiences at a particular intimacy level, we get to know them and decide if/when their character and behavior warrants invitation to Group Experiences at the next level.

This helps ensure that when YOU participate in a more sensual or intimate Group Experience it is safe and includes only Members who each contribute positively.

Exceptional People +

Our process of vetting Members for higher intimacy levels of Group Experience includes consideration of a Member's character as well as their behavior. Simply put, in order to get actual invitations to more intimate Group Experiences, you have to behave well and be of good character.

Want to assess yourself? Visit the page Getting Invited to Group Experiences.  If you need some guidance in that area, just let us know.

Gracious Hosting +

We practice Gracious Hosting, wherein a Host personally invites Guests to their event. So when we host a party or other group event ...

  • We send you, an individual, personal invitation
  • Because we value you andrecognize your unique personal beauty
  • And we've decided that we want you at this particular group event
  • And we'll treat you as an honored guest when you arrive

We do NOT:

  • Announce a party to strangers in a public on-line group
  • Specify objectifying inclusion/exclusion criteria (age, gender, etc.)
  • Limit the number of these anonymous "attendees"
  • Charge attendees money (for example, $20)
Free Parties +

A Gracious Host does NOT charge their Guests to attend their event. In this spirit, most of our parties are FREE to invited Guests.

Thoughtful People-Mixing +

Ever go to a party with a mix of people that's boring, awkward, or imbalanced? We hate that, too. So for each party, we:

  • Thoughtfully curate a guest list that creates a diverse, balanced, FUN mixture of people, taking into consideration Members' interests
  • Introduce Members to each other, especially when we know of something that two Members have in common
  • Take new/shy Members under our wing (if they want) and help them have a fun time at the party
100% Confidentiality +

We keep the following information 100% confidential:

  • All of the information in your Membership application
  • The fact that you're a Member
  • Even the fact that you APPLIED to become a Member
  • Your participation in Private Experiences
  • Your participation in Group Experiences (with the exception that other participants will see you there)

Only the organization administrators become aware of the information; no one else inside or outside of the organization has access to this information (unless YOU tell them).